• Powerpoint or Whiteboard?

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    When should you use whiteboards vs. Powerpoint slides during sales presentations?

    Whiteboard vs projector

    Chalk talks or whiteboard sketches can help in true consultative selling situations where the prospects and salespeople are jointly engaged in diagnosing and exploring the problem and potential solutions—including elements from third parties. Salespeople can engage prospects in a dialog about how to accurately portray their current setup. Salespeople can customize examples on whiteboards to reflect the prospect’s specifics.

    Whiteboard sketches can also when a salesperson needs to improvise an explanation in real time.

    And salespeople demonstrate mastery of their subject when explaining key points by drawing whiteboard diagrams.

    But chalk talks can be counterproductive in many sales calls. If the value of the point being made doesn’t exceed the time it takes to draw a diagram, you can lose prospects’ attention. Notice how “chalk talks” on YouTube are artificially sped up— illustrations appear much faster than mere mortals can draw them.

    If you’re simply exploring prospects’ needs before deciding which elements of their limited product portfolio to present, prebuilt diagrams might be more effective. Limit chalk talks to sales training exercises in these cases. Whiteboard sketches can be great sales training exercises, testing what salespeople learned and helping imprint key points firmly in their heads.

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