• Great Explanation Why Facebook is Irrelevant for B2B Companies

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    An audience member at a Babson College panel asked recently about social media, Facebook, and B2B companies. My answer was the social media that mattered to B2B companies were groups (including LinkedIn groups) and 1-1 emails discussing B2B brands, like marketing VPs asking members of their online group: “Who has recent experience with this marketing automation software and that CRM system?”

    Social Media for B2B doesn’t mean Facebook.

    In fact, a recent slide show on the future of digital from Business Insider demonstrates Facebook’s irrelevance even for B2C businesses this way.

    Google is like advertising at a store.

    Facebook is like advertising at a party

    Here’s the supporting data (It’s a great reminder that to reach your target prospects, you have to intercept them where they’re receptive to your message).


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