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    Great Explanation Why Facebook is Irrelevant for B2B Companies

    by  • December 3, 2012 • Lead Gen, Marketing • 0 Comments

    An audience member at a Babson College panel asked recently about social media, Facebook, and B2B companies. My answer was the social media that mattered to B2B companies were groups (including LinkedIn groups) and 1-1 emails discussing B2B brands, like marketing VPs asking members of their online group: “Who has recent experience with this marketing […]

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    B2B Paid Advertising Flopped For You? Retargeting Is a Reason to Revisit It

    by  • October 6, 2011 • Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Lead Gen, Marketing • 0 Comments

    Let’s face it: paid advertising – banner ads or PPC – has been a huge failure for most B2B companies. The ROI has been pitiful.

    But retargeting ads are dramatically different. They change the cost of customer acquisition so radically, they make paid advertising worth a second look.

    But I’ll warn you, retargeting ads are being miscast as Lead Gen campaigns, when they are really Lead Capture and Nurture campaigns. They play a valuable role, but boost the effectiveness of rather than replace other lead gen initiatives.

    Here’s what you need to know.

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    Is Your B2B Prospect Database Undermining Your Hard Work?

    by  • September 26, 2011 • Lead Gen, Marketing • 0 Comments

    Today, at the Marketing Sherpa conference in Boston, Brian Carroll (author of Lead Generation for the Complex Sale) listed the most common tactics B2B companies pursue to increase lead generation, then he cited the one B2B companies rarely address, though it often offers the highest return.

    Here’s the list, the exception, and a cautionary tale of how and why one of my clients was surprised to find out how poor their expensive prospect database was.

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