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    Even Market-Leading Companies Make This Presentation Mistake

    by  • April 29, 2014 • Analytics, Sales Presentations • 0 Comments

    What’s wrong with this picture? This is a slide from a presentation at a B2B marketing conference titled, ironically, “Create Gorgeous Marketing Dashboards Your Executives Will Love”                     The rules for graphics in slide presentations and dashboards are the same. This graphic violates the “keep graphics […]

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    Inbound Marketing Deception Uncovered

    by  • August 22, 2011 • Analytics, Inbound Marketing, Marketing • 3 Comments

    Inbound marketing is great. Done well in the right situations, it can be a cost-effective way to reach new prospects.

    But it doesn’t work for everyone. Some companies that should be focused on outbound marketing are deceived into thinking that inbound marketing is working for them when it’s really not.

    Here’s an example of how this happened to one company, and what you can do to avoid a similar fate.

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    Why Twitter’s Influence is Over-Rated for IT Leads

    by  • May 23, 2011 • Analytics, Marketing • 4 Comments

    If you took a poll, you’d get an extraordinary percentage of IT managers admitting to using Twitter, suggesting marketers should invest resources in Twitter to reach IT managers. But IT execs’ Twitter use may be limited to events and non-IT posts. The real test of Twitter’s value for reaching your prospects can be measured by the volume of leads from Twitter reported by Google Analytics.

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    Is Your Data Deceiving You?

    by  • April 18, 2011 • Analytics, Marketing, Strategy • 0 Comments

    Bruce Clay, the SEO guru, cited a remarkable statistic in a recent webinar: 40% of Omniture sites are set up incorrectly, with 20% of those sites having the Google search code inserted multiple times on a page. That will inflate results.

    Think of all those well-meaning marketers who are rigorously collecting and using metrics but are being led astray. The darn reports – so professionally formatted – look sooo reliable. But even they could be lying to you.

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