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    Google’s Lessons for Web Design

    by  • April 25, 2011 • Design, Marketing, Web Site • 0 Comments

    Business Week recently reported on the process Google went through for revision 8 of its results page.

    Now most of us don’t have Google’s advantages:

    • thousands of employees who test new designs in daily use (dogfooding)
    • a dedicated usability lab with eye-tracking software
    • 268 million users to select from for beta testing proposed changes

    So wouldn’t it be great if we could piggyback on some of Google’s lessons?

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    Is Your Data Deceiving You?

    by  • April 18, 2011 • Analytics, Marketing, Strategy • 0 Comments

    Bruce Clay, the SEO guru, cited a remarkable statistic in a recent webinar: 40% of Omniture sites are set up incorrectly, with 20% of those sites having the Google search code inserted multiple times on a page. That will inflate results.

    Think of all those well-meaning marketers who are rigorously collecting and using metrics but are being led astray. The darn reports – so professionally formatted – look sooo reliable. But even they could be lying to you.

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    Stamp Out B2B Homepage Slideshows

    by  • April 11, 2011 • Design, Marketing, Web Site • 0 Comments

    Many B2B homepages are becoming more like Times Square every day. The real estate is dividing into a myriad of different billboards, each touting its own message: “Look at our awards,” “See our customers,” “Free trial over here.”

    Many such “billboards” are flashing or scrolling to catch the visitor’s eye, often in competition with one another.

    The question is, are your visitors like tourists strolling through Times Square on their way to a matinee with little time to spare, or are they a captive audience willing to watch and absorb all you hope to communicate?

    Websites increasingly appear to assume the latter, but Web-analytics data prove the former.

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